PlaybookUX Bulk Pricing

1 Credit = $49 USD

  1 Credit = One Unmoderated PlaybookUX Participant

  2 Credits = One 30 minute Moderated Interview with PlaybookUX Participant

  3 Credits = One 60 minute Moderated Interview with PlaybookUX Participant

Prices include tester incentives. All bulk pricing includes unlimited free ‘bring my participants’ for one year ($3,000 value)

“User feedback is imperative for any SaaS business growth. PlaybookUX is a robust, intuitive solution with powerful features honing into the most critical UX aspects. It is the first solution that comes into mind when we want to audit and excel our customers’ user experience.“ Despina Exadaktylou

UX Research, Reinvent Growth

“I never understood the power of user testing until I started using PlaybookUX. Their UX software is intuitive and easy to use. I would highly recommend this to any founder who wants to understand their customers.”

Chris Pisarski

Founder, Chet

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