Downloadable Empathy Map Template

Empathy Map Template


General FAQ


What is an Empathy Map?

An empathy map is a tool for user experience researchers to understand what the customer is thinking, feeling, seeing, hearing and saying. It creates a more effective user-centric organization.


When should I use an Empathy Map Template?

Utilize an empathy map to step into the shoes of your customer. It is used to visualize and articulate what is currently known about your customers and create a shared understanding of their needs to help make better decisions. An empathy map will give you a holistic perspective of your user.


Why is an Empathy Map important?

Empathy maps help you keep up with customer beliefs, behaviors and opinions. It helps you keep the customer at the center of every decision.

How does PlaybookUX help create an Empathy Map Template?

PlaybookUX is a software that connects businesses with their target demographic. Conduct moderated and unmoderated user research to dig into your target user’s opinions and beliefs.



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How to Use the Empathy Map Template

 Conduct qualitative user research with your target audience

 Synthesize user insights with a robust user testing software, like PlaybookUX

 Facilitate a workshop with your team to organize insights into the 4 quadrants

 Display the empathy map in a noticeable location in your office

 Update this template frequently to keep up with your customer’s ever evolving opinions

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