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Last Updated: August 2021


Playbook UX, LLC. (“Playbook” “PlaybookUX” “we” “our” or “us”) values our customers and respects their privacy. This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) relates to our collection and use of data (“Data” or “Personal Information”) in connection our website (the “Site”), our platform (the “Platform”), and any other services we offer (collectively, the “Services”). The privacy policy applies to people who take tests on our platform (“Testers” “Participants”) as well as visitors to our site (“Visitors”).


Data & Information Collection

General site

  • We will use analytics tools, such as Amplitude and Google Analytics to evaluate your visit. We collect other data and interactions with our site, but not limited to click streams, page entrance, page exits, browser type, domain names, access time, referring website access, computer type, operating system, when you are on our Platform. This information is used for operation of service, to maintain quality of the service, and to provide general statistics regarding the use of our Platform.
  • We may collect your name, company, email and other information when signing up for our Blog or newsletter. We will not sell or distribute your email for any other use than to send you information pertaining to our services.


Tester Platform

  • Playbook collects Tester data through the third party LinkedIn API, and other self reported answers. We maintain this data so that we can match Testers with the appropriate studies that Clients or Customers request.
  • We do not knowingly and will not knowingly collect data and information from anyone under the age of 18. We have data validation in place to ensure that the Tester’s age is 18 years or older. Testers under the age of 18 should not provide us with any information. If we learn that a Tester under the age of 18 is enrolled in our Platform, we will immediately remove data collected from that Tester.
  • We will collect Tester information, including audio and video recordings of your voice and face whenever you are selected and take part in a Test. We will also collect any survey question data points that are provided by the Tester while they were taking the Test.
  • We may request the right to access additional data through screener questions (“Screeners”) sent to their email inbox or SMS text. Prior to enrolling in email and SMS, we ask for consent from the Tester.
  • Playbook may collect PayPal and Venmo information so that testers can be paid for their services. Our third party vendor (PayPal) will act as a payment processing agent, which will collect further information. We are not responsible for the third party vendors privacy policy and we will not hold any payment information within the Playbook Platform.
  • We reserve the right to refuse paying Testers if they do not comply with our “5 Star Tester Rules”

5 Star Tester Rules


  • Most sessions will last 10 minutes. However, some sessions will take up to 20 minutes, depending on the number of questions
  • You must speak all of your thoughts aloud without periods of silence. Periods of silence are defined as 10 seconds without speaking during a task
  • You must close out of all tabs that are not related to Playbook UX
  • You must silence and disable all notifications during the study. You may pause the test at any time if you are interrupted by an emergency call. If you receive an emergency notification or phone call and do not pause it, we reserve the right to refuse compensation
  • You must complete the study within the time frame stated by Playbook UX, typically within 24 hours
  • You must answer every question. You cannot skip questions without putting in an appropriate effort to complete
  • PlaybookUX reserves the right to expire your study at any point
  • Studies are first come, first serve, therefore you may not be able to take a study, even though you are qualified and it’s within the 24 hour window
  • You must answer screener questions truthfully
  • We reserve the right to disqualify you even if you have answered a screener question correctly
  • You must take studies in a quiet place such as an office or home, not a coffee shop. You must have an appropriately quiet place without background noise
  • You study audio must be audible enough so that an average computer can hear it without full volume.
  • First warning: You are given a first warning if you do not comply with the above. We will provide instructions on how to improve.
  • Second warning: You will be removed from the platform. We reserve the right to do so without notice.


  • You must show up 5 minutes prior to the study to ensure technology works
  • You must close out of all tabs that are not related to PlaybookUX
  • You must silence and disable all notifications during the study.
  • You must take studies in a quiet place such as an office or home, not a coffee shop. You must have an appropriately quiet place without background noise
  • If you are more than 5 minutes late to the session, we reserve the right to refuse compensation you.
  • If you do not show up to a scheduled session, you will be removed from the Playbook UX LLC platform without prior notice. If you do notify us, we take it on a case by case basis.
  • If you cancel the session within 4 hours remaining, you will be banned from the Playbook UX LLC platform, without notice.

Privacy Policy Changes

We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy at our sole discretion. This Privacy Policy may be amended at our discretion. If we make material changes to the Privacy Policy, we will notify Clients and Testers via email in advance and publish an updated Privacy Policy. If you disagree with the amendments and Privacy Policy changes, you should discontinue the use of Playbook and Opt-out of our services at any time.


How we Protect Your Information

Please understand that we cannot completely guarantee any information submitted over the internet is secure. Data is transmitted at the sender’s risk. We will take commercially reasonable steps to safeguard and ensure data is protected through authentication, SSL and encryption. If you have any security concerns, please contact hello@playbookux.com and we will respond to your request within 24 hours. 

Disclosure to Third Parties

Playbook will not share data with third parties without your consent, unless if required by law, regulation or legal matters necessary to law enforcement and national security.

Playbook is not responsible for the Privacy Policy of third-party vendors and partners that are a part of our Services and Platform.

Privacy Policy Acceptance & Agreement

Playbook is under the assumption that all Platform users have read and agreed to the Privacy Policy. While signing up for our services, we ask Testers and Clients to confirm that they agree to the Privacy Policy.



In order to opt out of any services related to our platform, you do so by sending us an email at hello@playbookux.com, or signing into the Tester platform and selecting Account Settings.

  • Inaccuracies. You have the right to access, adjust and remove inaccuracies in your Personal Information and privacy preferences at any time by visiting the account settings page of your account.
  • Emails, Blog & Services. You may also opt-out of any of our services at any point. Our services and platform may be unavailable to you if you decide to opt out.
  • Platform Notifications. We will send you emails and text messages related to screener questions, study matches, reminders of scheduled sessions and more. You may opt out of notifications at any point.
  • Information Disposal. You may request that we remove all of your Personal Information in an immediate manner.


When Testers opt-out, or holding Personal Information is no longer necessary for our business operations, we will dispose of their Personal Information immediately.


Complaints & Concerns

We take your privacy seriously. If you are concerned that we have not complied with our Privacy Policy, please send an email to hello@playbookux.com. We will respond to your security complaints in 48 hours and provide you with a structure of how we will remediate any security concerns you may have.