The automated user testing software platform  

PlaybookUX enables businesses to make data-driven decisions from relevant data sources. Our software platform allows you to access current or prospective customers to provide feedback on business concepts, product features, and marketing direction.

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End-to-end user testing software with AI-powered insights and analytics 

PlaybookUX allows you to gain valuable user insights by testing concepts, ideas, websites and prototypes.

Automated Transcripts

Transcripts allow you to focus more on the customer and less on logistics

Sentiment Analysis

We don’t just show you what your customers say, but we let you know how they feel


Analytics Dashboard

Our comprehensive dashboard allows you to examine your audience from a granular perspective

Curated Insights

Our proprietary algorithm extracts insights, making your presentations full of user-backed data

When to Use PlaybookUX

User insights validation

Concept Validation

Target a specific demographic to determine if your concept or product is appealing. 

User insights audience

Determine Target Audience

Identify your target user to understand with who your value proposition resonates with and who is willing to buy your product.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Our usability testing software automates testing prototypes and live websites. Our qualified panel of participants allow you to unlock insights via moderated and unmoderated sessions.

User Insights Pricing


Make educated pricing decisions by identifying a pricing model that resonates best with your user base. Determine what features matter most so you can improve conversions


Get User Insights to Prioritize the Right Features 

Our easy to usability testing software is built for Researchers, Product Managers, and Business Stakeholders. We know it’s challenging to determine which features to build next. Playbook UX allows you to test and validate your assumptions to make informed decisions. We’ll point out key insights so you know what to add to your product roadmap.


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user insights image for PlaybookUX

Build Products that Customers Love

PlaybookUX allows you to get answers from a verified audience that meets your testing profile so you can keep up with the ever-changing customer demands. Our style of iterative testing allows you to make better product decisions. Informed decisions lead to better products.  


Hear What your Customers are Saying

Our rich data sources, such as interviews and task-based video recordings, allow you to receive valuable user feedback. We combine artificial intelligence with user experience research to improve customer satisfaction, conversions and product adoption.


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