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Types of studies  

As a PlaybookUX tester, you’ll take two types of studies. 


You’ll record your screen and audio while answering questions, without a researcher present.

$10/10-15 minute study



Speak to a researcher one on one.

$60/60 minute study

$30/30 minute study

Examples of 5 star tester unmoderated sessions!

Website Usability Testing
Laptop Prototype Testing
iOS Website Testing
SaaS Product UX Testing
Concept Testing
Pricing Model Test
Android Prototype Testing
Advertisement Video Test
Tablet Website Test
Website Usability Testing

How do people feel about Medium's website?


Laptop Prototype Testing

What do people think about a Buzzfeed prototype?


iOS Website Testing

How do people feel about Amazon's mobile website experience?


SaaS Product UX Testing

How do people feel about Mailchimp's onboarding experience?


Concept Testing

How do people feel about a new product concept?


Pricing Model Test

What do people think of Slack's pricing model?


Android Prototype Testing

What do people think about Capital One's Android prototype experience? 


Advertisement Video Test

How do people feel about the new Enterprise marketing ad?


Tablet Website Test

How do people feel about Grubhub's tablet experience?


How it works

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6Please review these FAQs before getting started

What is a user tester?

Testers will give their opinion on websites, prototypes, apps, concepts and more. You’ll walk through certain scenarios like finding an item, commenting on how easy something is to use.

What are screener questions?

Since we limit number of questions that we ask while you’re signing up, researchers may need to know a bit more about you to make sure you’re in their target demographic. Screener questions are short surveys used to qualify you for a paid study. You will not be compensated for screener surveys. Answer these questions truthfully to earn the full incentive. If a company reports that you did not answer the screener truthfully, you will not be compensated for the study.

What makes an excellent user tester?

An excellent tester is someone who speaks their thoughts aloud at all times while taking the study. They do more than simply read the content of the page, they make insightful comments and talk about thinks they like / dislike. Offering suggestions for improvement is a common characteristic of excellent testers.

Do this:

  • Answer every task / question
  • Speak loudly & clearly
  • Perform the study in a quiet room without distractions
  • Take at least 10 minutes to complete the study
  • Talk about what you like, dislike or should improve

NOT this:

  • Read the content off the page
  • Say everything looks “ok” without suggestions for improvement
  • Skip questions
  • Pause the test for a long period of time

How do I get paid?

You’ll receive payment within a 7 business days of completing the study via PayPal.

How much will I receive?

We pay $10 / 10-15 minute unmoderated session, $30 / 30 minute moderated interview & $60 / 60 minute moderated interview

What are reasons for not getting paid for my test?

Since we want to provide high quality sessions to our clients, we will refuse payment under the following circumstances.

  • You did not answer all questions (i.e. you skipped questions)
  • You did not speak your thoughts out loud for the majority of the video
  • Your audio is crackling & unclear
  • You have a lot of background noise
  • You received calls or texts during a mobile study
  • The video is under 10 minutes or you didn’t go thoroughly into each question

How much can I earn per month as a tester?

You will be matched with studies based on your demographic profile. You could receive 10 tests a day, or none for a week, it depends on the number of clients looking for someone like you!

When can I take studies?

We don’t have you browse irrelevant project boards. Instead you’ll receive an email when your profile is a match. In order to provide customers with high quality, quick results, we can’t reserve your spot. Once you receive the invitation email, you should take the study as soon as possible.

How do I become a tester?

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