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Example Test: Unmoderated

Watch an example test of a participant verbally providing feedback on a website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of studies can I participate in?
  1. Unmoderated studies (Speak out loud): You’ll record your screen and voice while answering questions, without a researcher present. (Length of study: 10 - 20 minutes)
  2. Moderated live conversation: Speak to a researcher one-on-one at a scheduled time. (Length of study: 30, 60 or 90 minute session)
  3. Card sort: Sort cards into groups that make sense to you. A researcher will not be present during this study, so you can take it on your own time. (Length of study: 2-10 minutes)
  4. Tree test: You will complete tasks about finding content on a website. A researcher will not be present during this study, so you can take it on your own time. (Length of study: 2-10 minutes)
How much will I get paid?
  • $10 / 10-20 minute unmoderated session
  • $30 / 30 minute moderated interview
  • $60 / 60 minute moderated interview
  • $90 / 90 minute moderated interview
  • $2 per card sort
  • $2 per tree test
How will I get paid?

You'll receive payment via PayPal within 8 days of completing the study. You can track payments in the "Completed Tests" tab of your dashboard.

Who is eligible to be a tester?

Anyone! We are looking for quality testers from all different backgrounds to complete tests. Tests are available to you based on your profile and answers to any applicable screener questions.

What devices/programs are required to be a tester?
  • Unmoderated studies: Download the PlaybookUX desktop, tablet and mobile apps
    • Desktop: Apple (OS X 10.8 or higher) or Windows (Windows 8 or 10)
    • Mobile & Tablet: iOS (iOS 13 or higher) or Android (Android OS 7.0 or higher)
  • Moderated Studies: Download Zoom app (Available for desktop, IOS and Android)
  • Card Sort & Tree Test Studies: No additional download required (all in browser)

For more information and specifics on device requirements, please click here.


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