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Pricing should be simple, so there are no hidden fees. All prices include tester incentives.


For teams who don't have the time but want valuable user insights - we'll do it for you.
$600/ study*
  • A professional researcher will review prototype or website, identify testing opportunities, create test and deliver synthesized research report.
  • Advanced Demographic & Employment Recruiting 
  • * Includes 5 Participants (+$20/additional person) 

What’s Included

We give everyone – from startups to large corporations – a platform to gain valuable user insights with minimal effort expended. 

Website & Prototype Testing

We provide high quality user testing software so you can test websites and prototypes. You can decide if you want to test your designs via moderated or unmoderated sessions.

Comprehensive Analytics

We provide qualitative and quantitative analytics so you can extract key user insights from your moderated interviews and unmoderated sessions.

Linkedin Verified Testers

We understand the importance of providing high quality users, so we verify all testers via Linkedin. All users are sourced from premium avenues.

AI-Powered Transcripts

We take the heavy lifting out of transcribing your interviews so you can spend more time getting user insights and creating products your customers love. 

Bring Your Own Testers

Utilize our panel or upload a list of your own users and we’ll handle the rest – from payments to analytics! 

Unlimited Admin Seats

Invite your co-workers so they can share in the insights. There’s no additional charge, becuause we know that user testing is a team effort.

PlaybookUX Pricing

Professional Services

With our enterprise package, you’ll receive a highly skilled user researcher who will

  Determine your organizations testing needs

  Structure unmoderated study

  Create a discussion guide for moderated interviews

  Lead post-session synthesis workshops


If we missed anything, send questions to

What is PlaybookUX?

PlaybookUX is an automated user research software company that enables businesses to make data-driven decisions from relevant data sources such as interviews and task-based video recordings. 

Who are the PlaybookUX testers?

Our testers are Linkedin verified testers who are not professional usability testers. We ensure the highest quality so our panel is frequently scanned for quality assurance. Most of our testers are based in the United States, but if you are looking for specific participants outside of the US, we’ll recruit them under Plus & Enterprise plans.

How long does it take?

We balance quality and efficiency. Self Test (Unmoderated) Sessions take around 2 days from start to finish, while Moderated Sessions will take around 3 days to recruit. However, if you’re selecting a very specific audience, it make take a bit longer!

How long are sessions?

Unmoderated, or self-tests, in which participants record their screen while answering tasks are 10-15 minutes. Moderated interviews last from 30 – 60 minutes, depending on how long you need to speak to participants.

Who Should Use PlaybookUX?

Anyone who wants to gather valuable user insights to improve website usability. We make user testing accessible to every company, no matter your job title. Check out our resources for Product Management, Researchers, Designers and Marketing.

What's next?

If you know what you want to test, get started with the Create Account button below. If you’re not sure what to test, select Get in Touch and we’ll assign you a dedicated researcher. We offer a variety of Enterprise plans to meet your company’s needs.

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