PlaybookUX User Testing Software Features

Features that will help you gain the most from your user testing sessions. We’re an end-to-end user research platform for all teams looking to receive user feedback.

User testing software PlaybookUX


Website & Prototype Testing

Conduct a study on your website or prototype to improve product usability and functionality. Gathering user feedback will improve user experience and increase customer satisfaction. All testers are vetted through Linkedin so you know exactly who you’re speaking with.

Interviews & Self-Tests

Conduct one-on-one interviews, as well as self-tests, where the participant records their screen and audio while completing tasks. Receive direct user feedback without the hassle of recruiting, scheduling, incentivizing participants, note-taking and extracting meaningful insights. 

PlaybookUX User Testing Software
User testing software PlaybookUX

Invite your Team

We don’t limit the number of admin seats on our platform. User experience testing is a team effort, and we want to get everyone involved early and often. Invite your team so everyone is in the loop. Also, invite your stakeholders to drive research buy-in.


With our self-test (unmoderated) study, you can select templates to understand how your concepts, prototypes, live websites resonate with your users. You can choose from a variety of templates that allow you to better understand who your users are, what motivates and frustrates them. However, if you need a more customized study plan, you can create your own tasks.

PlaybookUX User Testing Software
User testing software PlaybookUX

Recruit your Target Demographic

We make it easy to recruit your target demographic, with 10 different demographic & employment filters. With our enhanced filtering, any B2B or B2C company can receive user feedback from their specific customer base.

If you’re a B2B company, we provide access to people with a specific job title, industry, seniority and company size. We have a two step verification process. First, we verify testers through Linkedin, then double check it by hand so you’re getting high quality participants.


Qualifying Questions

If you need to know more about the participant, you can ask them qualifying questions (screener questions) to ensure they’re an exact fit. Once you’ve submitted qualifying questions, we match you with participants who fit that criteria. 

PlaybookUX User Testing Software
User testing software PlaybookUX


Our goal is to simplify the user testing synthesis process. We understand you have a lot going on, so we want to make it easy to gain valuable user insights. You’ll be able to view videos, key quotes and other insights with our advanced analytics.

Video Sessions

See what your users have to say first-hand with our video player. Identify points of excitement, confusion and frustration, which will help you build better products for your customers in the future. 

PlaybookUX User Testing Software


Our automated transcription allows you to view the transcript side-by-side with the video session. Click on a specific task to navigate to that spot in the video. We make session replay simple and easy.

PlaybookUX User Testing Software
User testing software PlaybookUX

Unlimited Tasks & Questions

Get all of your questions out in one study. We want you to have a complete and insight loaded study.

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