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Dive into all of our features that allow you to efficiently recruit, conduct and synthesize user research.


Recruit participants from all over the globe or use your own participants.


Run unmoderated and moderated research studies on all devices. 

Analyze & Collaborate

Invite your team to synthesize research with our comprehensive analysis tools.


Recruit using our panel of international participants, or use your own.

Consumer Research

Target consumers by age, gender or income to review your product. Target consumers by age, gender or ethnicity .


Localize the participant platform in over 50 languages.

B2B Targeting

Target professionals across a variety of attributes such as job title, industry and company size.

Bring your own participants

Invite your own participants to research studies via a recruiting link.

Screener Questions

Use screener questions for additional targeting.

International Recruiting

Access our global of participants that covers over 40 countries.


Run unmoderated and moderated studies across all devices.

Unmoderated Testing

Watch recordings of the participant's screen and voice as they verbally respond to questions and assess your asset.

Prototypes, Websites, Apps

Get feedback at any stage of the lifecycle. You can test anything with a link - or even run a concept test.


Use our calendar to invite participants to live conversations.

Moderated Interviews

Speak directly with participants as they share their screen, camera and audio.

Cross Browser

Test on all browsers. Our recording suite isn't tied to Chrome.

Automated Payments

Our tool will handle payments to our panel so you don't have to worry about logistics.

Test on all devices

Run studies on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Qualitative Tasks & Questions

Participants will verbally respond, while interacting with a test asset. Write unlimited instructions.

Concurrent studies

Launch more than one study at the same time.

Native Android and iOS App

Have participants review native apps.


Ask rating scales questions with flexible endpoints and written response questions.

Analyze & Collaborate

Invite your entire team to analyze user research with our comprehensive analysis suite.


Create clips from important moments during your user research sessions.

Build your own report

Build reports across research projects.

Video Controls

Change the viewing speed, quickly rewind and fast forward, or watch picture-in-picture.


Export full studies with one click.

Highlight Reel

Generate highlight reels from your clips.

Keywords & Quotes

Quickly assess common phrases and keywords from unmoderated sessions. Click to view underlying quotes.

Participant Charts

View aggregated demographic charts of participants.

Quantitative Metrics

Analyze rating scales, written responses and time on questions.


Transcripts are automatically generated with timestamps.

Sentiment Analysis

View positive and negative quotes from your unmoderated research.


Download video sessions, clips and highlight reels as mp4 files.

Unlimited Team Seats

There aren't any limits on the number of team members that you can invite.


Take timestamped notes while watching videos.

Editable Transcription

Make edits to machine generated transcripts.


Share full projects, clips and highlight reels with a password protected link. 

Analyze & Collaborate

Security and privacy is at the core of our platform.


Sign in using popular providers such as Okta, Azure, ADFS, Google and more.

Admin Permissions

Set account access levels.

Password Protection

Password protect everything you share for enhanced security.


We're fully GDPR and CCPA compliant.

General FAQ

What is user experience testing?

User experience testing is the process of getting a product, prototype, concept or website in front of real people. Those people will provide invaluable feedback. Overall, it will make your website, product or prototype more delightful and intuitive.

Why does user experience testing matter?

Customer expectations are rising, and with that standards for what makes a usable product are higher. UX testing leads to higher customer satisfaction, increased conversion and decreased bounce rates.

What is the future of user experience testing?

The UX testing process will become even more automated. Companies won’t have to manage the end-to-end process of recruiting, conducting, transcribing and analyzing the sessions. At PlaybookUX, we’re using artificial intelligence to bring on a new wave of user testing.