Quickly get feedback from large groups of participants. Surveys are easy to administer and help inform future research initiatives. It’s the perfect companion to qualitative research.


Gain access to a comprehensive survey platform with PlaybookUX.

*Scale subscription is required to access surveys*

Open-ended & close-ended questions

Leverage both open-ended questions, such as written response, and close-end questions, such as multiple choice and ratings to gather rich quantitative insights.

Personalize Instructions

Customize the welcome page and end page to give your survey a personal touch.

Test with our participants or your own

Use the PlaybookUX panel to recruit participants for your survey. You can choose from a variety of demographic filtering and add screening questions to find niche participants. Additionally you can send your own customers a link to participate in the survey. 

Saved audience

If you’re using consistent demographic filtering and screeners, set up a saved audience to save time during project setup.

Skip logic

Direct participant to relevant questions, without needing to set up multiple studies.

Flexible page structure

Organize questions in a way that makes sense to participants. Place each question on a different page, or group them.

Surveys with or without a recording

Conduct a survey without a recording or include it in an unmoderated or moderated session.

First click, five second, preference test - coming soon

Leverage first click, five second or preference tests in your survey.


Quickly analyze survey results with charts & graphs.


Randomize survey questions within each page to avoid bias.


When you're using the PlaybookUX panel, you can set up segments to ensure exact demographic quotas.

Start getting feedback today