PlaybookUX Promo Code Terms

Last updated August 2019



Thank you for choosing to be part of our community at PlaybookUX Inc (“company”, “we”, “us”, or “our”). These terms are regarding Promotional Codes (“Promo codes” “discounts”) that are are redeemable on the PlaybookUX website ( by using the unique link (“link” “code”).


  • Promo Codes are only be redeemable online.
  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • Only one (1) promo code can be redeemed per user / per company / per promotion.
  • Promo codes may have an absolute dollar amount and may only be redeemable on select services (i.e. only unmoderated services). 
  • Promo codes may require a minimum dollar value or minimum participant purchase.
  • Promo codes can’t be used in combination with other promotions, promo codes or specials.
  • Promo codes cannot be transferred or removed.
  • Even if a code is accepted at checkout, orders are reviewed by PlaybookUX Support prior to filling the study. Orders that are in violation of the terms will be adjusted.



  • Promo codes do not have monetary value. They are strictly free promo codes.
  • Promo codes do not expire



  • Promo codes vary depending on the promotion you are participating in. Email PlaybookUX to look up the value of the promo code.
  • If the order is canceled by you, we will not refund the promo code value
  • Promo code amounts in excess of your purchase will not be carried over to the next purchase
  • If lost, stolen or damaged, promo codes are not replaceable
  • Promo codes cannot be combined with other PlaybookUX coupons and promotions.
  • You’re responsible for the security of your promo code. We will not replace it if it has been used by another party no matter how the promo code was obtained.
  • Promo codes do not apply to taxes/VAT and fees

Changes to Promotion

PlaybookUX reserves the right, without further notice to the holders of promotional codes to modify the terms for use of promo codes. We reserve the right to suspend promo codes or cancel the promotional program in whole or part.