Web Testing

User testing a web application throughout the software development lifecycle is important to getting market validation. You’ll be able to spot areas of confusion and redesign the solution so it’s clear for the end user. Validate design and content decisions before you build and after you implement. Customers will thank you for it!

Prototype testing with PlaybookUX

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What is web testing? 

Running a study on your website illuminates its shortcomings. If participants can’t find what they’re looking for, they won’t convert or achieve their goal, it’s as simple as that. Testing early and often prevents you from building a solution that’s not optimized for what your target demographic needs. Increase conversions, decrease bounce rate and enhance customer satisfaction with user testing.

Example Video

Watch this real person walk through a website. Getting video based feedback from your target audience is the most valuable thing you’ll do as a company. User testing a website helps improve designs, content and navigation. Sign up for PlaybookUX to start testing your website today!

What are the benefits of User Testing?

These statistics are undeniable!

50% of developers time is spent fixing issues that could be prevented by prototype testing

of developers time is spent fixing issues that could have been avoided during the prototyping phase

100x more expensive to fix an issue that could be prevented by prototype testing

times more expensive to fix a problem in a product that’s already been released than it is during the prototyping phase

Moderated Web Testing

Moderated web studies allow you to dive deeper into your target users emotions, feelings and beliefs. With moderated interviews, you can ask participants questions to see how they feel about your website. The advantage of performing moderated testing is that you can ask follow up questions to really understand how the participant feels.

Conduct moderated prototype testing
Conduct unmoderated prototype testing

Unmoderated Web Testing

Watching participants interact with your website will give you an unbiased look into their feelings and emotions. Participants will speak their thoughts out loud while walking through tasks that you’ve defined. You’ll be able to test layout, design element, call-to-action placement and many more!

Task & Questions

Based on thousands of user research studies, we’ve identified the most popular questions. Use these question guides to drive conversations. It includes navigation testing, first impression testing and competitor intelligence.

General FAQs

What is website testing?

It involves getting your website in front of people who will provide authentic feedback.

How do you conduct website testing?

Find a software, like PlaybookUX, that allows you to conduct website research. Recruit people in your target audience to walk through your website while answering questions and speaking their thoughts aloud.

Why does website testing matter?

It allows you to identify parts of your website that could be better optimized. You’ll understand where to move call-to-actions, if the content on your website resonates with your users and if designs should be improved.

Does PlaybookUX allow you to conduct website testing?

Yes! We allow you to recruit your target audience and conduct moderated and unmoderated website testing.

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