User Testing Templates

We’ve created user testing templates based on reviewing thousands of research studies. It’s easy to copy and paste into the PlaybookUX user research platform. 

First Impressions

Understand the way your website makes an impression on people who have never seen it before. This will help you understand what stands out on your page.

AB Testing

Determine why participants prefer one version over another. This is a perfect template to complement your quantitative AB testing efforts.


Pricing shouldn’t be a barrier to converting customers. Ensure your target demographic understands the value at each pricing tier.

Our Researchers Can Handle It

Have a researcher handle the end to end process of creating a user test.

Email Content & Designs 

Increase conversions and open rates by testing your email content, subject lines and call-to-actions.

Competitor Analysis

Uncover how people view your brand compared to your competitor’s brand. See how you stack up.

Brand Perception

Perception is everything. How do your customers perceive your brand? Find out with our brand perception user testing template.

Website Navigation

Visitors should be able to navigate your website with ease. Use this user testing template to diagnose issues with find-ability.


This user testing template will ensure the name you’ve decided to go with will resonate with target users.

Concept & Idea

Before heading into a new space or building that new feature, make sure your concept or idea resonates with your target demographic.

Google Search Test

When your target demographic is looking for a solution to a problem, they’ll typically turn to Google. See what they’re looking for when they search for a solution.

Create A Persona

Personas are extremely important in building empathy for your target user and settling disputes. Create personas to make your company more user-centric.


Before determining which logo to use, ask your target demographic. It’s an important aspect of building your company’s brand.

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