Downloadable Personas Template

Personas Template

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General FAQ


What is a Persona?

In user experience research, a persona is a profile that represents your primary users, who exhibit similar attitudes, goals, and behaviors in relation to your product. They’re reliable representations of your typical customer. You can gather information to fill out persona templates by running qualitative user research studies, such as unmoderated and moderated interviews. If you’re wondering which questions to ask during the interviews, view our personas question guide. 

When should I use a Personas Template?

Personas are human-like snapshots that allow product teams to develop empathy, navigate design decisions, and settle feature disputes. In a time of ever increasing customer expectations, it’s important to have a pulse on what customers want. With most roles, days can go by without speaking directly to a customer. That’s why personas are so important. They ensure that you’re always thinking about them. We recommend hanging the persona in your office so it’s always front of mind.

Why are Personas Important?

Personas are designed to optimize customer experience because it keeps all company members is in a customer-oriented mindset. Sharing these personas across divisions will break down silos that exist in your organization. 

How does PlaybookUX help me create Personas?

PlaybookUX is designed to connect companies with their target audience. Connect with customers over moderated and unmoderated user research. After all is said and done, you’re handed valuable video based feedback from your personas.

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How to Utilize the Personas Template

 Conduct qualitative user research studies with persona questions in mind

 Synthesize user insights with a robust user testing software, like PlaybookUX

 Facilitate a workshop to organize PlaybookUX’s AI-generated insights on the card

 Display your personas in a noticeable location in your office

 Remember to update personas often to keep up with customer expectations

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