Full Service User Testing Software 

PlaybookUX is an end-to-end user testing software that gives companies access to the right users and uses artificial intelligence to extract meaningful user insights from your research. Base business decisions on your customers, not assumptions.


User Testing Software PlaybookUX

Comprehensive user testing software 

PlaybookUX is your all-in-one platform to extract high quality, actionable user insights from your qualitative research.

Self Test

Participant records their screen and audio while completing tasks.



Researcher interviews participants real-time.

User testing software PlaybookUX


Collect Actionable Data

PlaybookUX is an integral part of the user research development lifecycle. Our platform will allow you to know more about your customers and gain an edge against the competition.

AI-Powered User Insights

Our user research software utilizes artificial intelligence to help recruit, conduct and synthesize user experience research sessions. Not only will you walk away knowing what the user said, but you’ll also understand how the user feels.

PlaybookUX User Testing Software Image
User testing software PlaybookUX

Understand the why behind your customer’s preferences

By conducting user research, PlaybookUX enables businesses to uncover valuable insights by simplifying the research synthesis process. You’ll speak directly to your customers through our high quality usability testing software platform.

High-quality results and powerful analytics 

We enable data storytelling through a comprehensive analytics dashboard. Our usability testing software extracts all that you need to know about your customers.

PlaybookUX User Testing Software Image

What to Test with PlaybookUX

I want to know about what people think about my
Concepts & Ideas Feature Enhancements Live Website Competitor's Brand Pricing

 Live Websites

 Prototypes and wireframes

 Competitor's Websites

 Feature Enhancements


 Checkout Process


 Concepts and Ideas

 Email Campaigns (Text, Subject lines, Images)

 Ad Creative

 On-boarding process

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