Bring My Participants to UX Research Studies

Usability Testing Methods

Recruiting your own participants for user research is important for gaining solid customer feedback. It’s a great empathy building exercise. Showing your stakeholders videos of customers speaking their thoughts about your product is great for feature buy-in.

Why should I speak to my own customers?

Your customers, especially those who have been using your product for a few months, are able to give you feedback on the highlights and low points of your product. They can point out which features would improve your offering. Run new features by participants, while asking them why they’re not using other under utilized features.

PlaybookUX & Your Participants

PlaybookUX has rolled out ‘bring my participants’ for unmoderated UX testing. Moderated ‘bring your own participants’ is coming soon!

Here’s how it works

Head into the PlaybookUX platform. It takes seconds to get up and running!

Create a project and select “Set Tasks for Testers (Unmoderated)” & “Bring My Participants”.


You’ll receive a link and an email template that you can use when asking customers to participate in your study.

Participants will record their voice and screen while responding to questions that you’ve created. In the end, you’ll see videos and transcriptions uploaded to your dashboard.

General FAQ

Does PlaybookUX let you bring my participants to UX research studies?
Yes! We do. Bring as many participants as you’d like to your next unmoderated research study.

What are the benefits of bringing my participants to user testing studies?
Speaking to people in your target demographic is great but sometimes you need to check in on current users of your product. It helps you see the bright spots and pain points in your design.

Speak to high quality people