First Impression Test Questions

When should I use this template?

First impressions are everything. Watch videos of participants interacting with your website, product or prototypes. With this first impressions test template, you’ll receive authentic reactions from your participants as they navigate the page for the first time.

How will the first impressions test template help my business? 

Make sure that participants view your brand favorably when they land on your website or product. If people’s impression of your business does not align with your objectives, you’ll be able to make strides to change. It will provide you with a valuable data point that helps you craft the future of your business.


  • At first glance, what is the purpose of this site? Take your best guess as to what you think it is.
  • What do you think you can do on this website?
  • Is there enough information on this page to understand what this website is for? If not, what should be included to make it clear? Be specific.
  • Take some time to scroll up and down the page but don’t click off of this page. What are your thoughts on the design (images, colors, styling) and layout of this page?
  • Is there anything in particular that you like about the website?
  • Is there anything in particular that you dislike about the website?
  • Is there anything you would improve about this website?
  • Based on what you think the purpose of the website is, what is the first thing that you would do next? Take that action now.
  • Did you successfully find what you were looking for? If not, what were you expecting?
  • Is this website missing anything that you would have expected to see?


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