Concept Testing Questions

When should I use the concept testing questions template?

When you’re looking to move into a new market, or create a new feature, get feedback from your users to ensure you’re maximizing the value of your solution. Leveraging our concept testing questions will help you build a solution that resonates with your customers. 

How does the concept testing question template help my business?

By asking your target demographic about their daily pain points and frustrations, you’ll be able to craft an ideal solution. This way, your product will resonate with future customers. By speaking to people about your solution prior to development, you’ll avoid rework since you’re executing your target market’s vision. It’s the best way to validate that there’s a product market fit.


  • Task/Question: How do you currently solve [problem]?
  • Task/Question: What are the challenges with your approach to solving this problem?
  • Task/Question: How frequently do you have this problem?
  • Rating Scale: How unimportant (1) or important (5) is it to find a solution to this problem?
  • Task/Question: If someone were to solve this problem, how would that improve your life?
  • Task/Question: How willing are you to pay for a solution to this problem?
  • Written Response: How much would you pay for a solution to this problem? Please explain your reasoning.
  • Task/Question: If you were to design an ideal solution to this problem, even if it’s out there, please describe what that solution would look like.
  • Task/Question: In the next question you’ll navigate to a website.
  • URL: <<>> 
  • Task/Question: What are your initial thoughts on this solution?
  • Task/Question: Does the proposed solution solve your pain points and frustrations?
  • Task/Question: What would make you want to use this solution?
  • Task/Question: What would make you *not* want to use this solution?
  • Task/Question: Based on the description, do you understand what the solution is and who the solution is for?
  • Task/Question: What questions do you have about this solution?
  • Task/Question: How frequently, if at all, would you use this solution?
  • Task/Question: How would you improve this solution?
  • Task/Question: What information would you need to know before making a purchasing decision?
  • Single Selection (pick one): Would you pay for this solution? 1) Unsure 2) No 3) Yes
  • Written Response: How much would you expect to pay for this solution?


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