Feature Update: Flexible Rating Scale

Usability Testing Methods

Each participant session is valuable. With the flexible rating scale, you can optimize the information you get from your participants by making sure you are asking the right kind of question. Rating scales are helpful because they can be used for both subjective and objective topics. When created thoughtfully, a good rating scale gives you very specific information about how participants are interacting with your product.


Now, with our new flexible rating scale feature, you can customize your rating scale so that it asks for the exact information you are looking for. Our rating scale has a range between 5 and 10, and it gives you the option of deciding what you want your rating scale to measure.


The flexible rating scale can be customized in two ways:


First, you can use the slider to decide the range of your rating scale. The lowest option is 5 and the highest option 10. Then, you can customize what you want your rating scale to measure. It can measure difficulty (Very Difficult vs. Very easy), clarity (Not Clear at All, Very Clear), likelihood (Not Likely vs. Very Likely) ect. 

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