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Usability Testing Methods
Not sure which questions to use for your next user test? Have writers block?
We have the answer!
Explore our library of user testing templates and quickly launch your study. Our templates were curated from the most commonly asked usability and user testing questions. Each question has been double checked to ensure it’s unbiased and impartial.

Our templates were created so you can achieve an objective. Take a look below. 

  • First Impressions Test
  • Brand Perception Questions
  • Competitor Testing Questions
  • Google Search Test
  • Concept Testing Questions
  • Persona Interview Questions
  • Website Navigation Menu
  • Logo Testing Questions
  • Pricing Model Test
  • Company Name Test
  • AB Testing Questions

Just point, click and you’ll be able to view the goals and objectives of each template along with the questions.

If you have a specific goal that we haven’t covered, chat us and we’ll create one!

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