Unmoderated User Testing Templates for Writing Tasks

User Testing Templates

Many people who are new to the UX world struggle to write user testing questions for their unmoderated, or self-guided, studies. These user testing templates make it easy to quickly launch user research studies. 

First Impression User Testing Template

These testing templates are used when you want to understand how your website makes an impression on people who have never visited it before.

Questions include:

  • At first glance, what is the purpose of this site? Take your best guess as to what you think it is.
  • What do you think you can do on this website?
  • Full template of questions

Concept & Idea Template

Use this template when you’re looking to move into a new market, create a new feature or get feedback from your users to ensure you’re maximizing the value of your solution.

  • How do you currently solve <State Problem>?
  • What are the challenges with your current approach to solving this problem?
  • Full template of questions

Competitor Analysis Template

Understand how your target demographic views your brand compared to your competitor’s brand.

  • How often do you use or come into contact with <Company 1>?
  • How do you use <Company 1>?
  • How often do you use or come into contact with <Company 2>?
  • How do you use <Company 2>?
  • Full template of questions

Personas Creation Template

Personas are extremely important in building empathy for your target user and settling disputes. Personas are a typical user that your brand serves.

  • What 4 adjectives would you use to describe yourself? Please elaborate.
  • How do you spend a typical weekday? Walk us through what it looks like.
  • Full template of questions

Google Search Test Template

When your target demographic is looking for a solution to a problem, they’ll typically turn to Google. See what they’re looking for when they search.

  • How would you search for <item> Perform that search now.
  • Now that the results have loaded, describe what you’re seeing. Is this what you expected?
  • What action would you take next?
  • Full template of questions

Brand Perception Template

What do your customers think of your brand? Understand how potential customers view your brand.

  • How often do you come into contact with <Company>?
  • Talk about your last experience with <Company>.
  • Full template of questions

Product Pricing Template

Pricing shouldn’t be a barrier to converting potential customers. Conduct this test when you want to ensure your target demographic understands the value of your pricing.

  • Scroll up and down the page. What are your initial thoughts on this page?
  • Are the pricing options clear?
  • Full template of questions

Website Navigation Template

Ensure website visitors are able to navigate your website with ease.

  • Find <item1>. Speak your thoughts out loud as you look. When you’ve found <item1> proceed to the next task.
  • Overall, how did you find this task? 1=Very Difficult to 5=Very Easy.
  • How would you improve the process of finding <item1>?
  • Full template of questions

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