We Researched the Five Best UserTesting Alternatives – Here’s What You Need To Know

UserTesting Alternatives

Are you a user research ninja looking for a more affordable UserTesting alternatives? Or maybe you’re a Product Manager or SaaS founder looking to get feedback from your target demographic on product usability, concepts, ideas, or pricing model. 

You’ve probably heard of UserTesting and how they allow you to speak to users and validate assumptions. It’s a great software to get feedback from real users on designs or prototypes. It helps build better, more customer-centric products and websites. 

Why are so many customers using UserTesting?

UserTesting Pros

  • A massive panel of testers
  • Fast results
  • Extensive feature list

However, like any other software solution, UserTesting.com isn’t right for every company’s needs. Certain things drive companies to seek alternatives. 

UserTesting Cons

  • Very expensive
  • Quality of testers
  • Minimal analytics

Here is a view of many online user testing reviews highlighting this problem 

There are a lot of Google & Quora searching asking, How much does usertesting.com cost. As of this post, UserTesting.com’s lowest price tier is approximately $20k annually. The cheapest plan includes 5 participants per study.

Usertesting.com pricing is expensive for most companies, people are constantly asking the question “do cheaper options exist?” It’s such a common question that there’s an active Quora thread with an answer wiki of 15 highlighted alternatives. 

15+ Usertesting Competitors, or not really?

Many of these alternatives are really not alternatives rather, software for different use cases. A few are QA softwares. Some usertesting competitors are solely focused on conversion rate optimization and heatmaps. Other usertesting.com competitors have participant quality that is way too low for us to consider as alternatives. 

If you drill into UserTesting’s core features, they are

  • Access to a panel of testers 
  • Software to conduct the video-based sessions 
  • Dashboard to review the videos
  • Highlight reels

After testing the software ourselves, reviewing user testing reviews (wordplay, we know) and talking to users about different alternatives, we noticed a pattern. We’ve identified criteria to rank usertesting competitors based on what’s most important to UX software users. 


  1. Software ease of use
  2. Customer support level 
  3. Features 
  4. Value for money 

We identified there to be five great UserTesting alternatives

  1. PlaybookUX
  2. trymyUI
  3. Userlytics
  4. UserZoom
  5. Lookback

PlaybookUX#1 UserTesting Alternative

With PlaybookUX you can

  • Target your right demographic with advanced filters and screener questions
  • Conduct both unmoderated and moderated research
  • Analyze results (notes, A.I. analytics)

PlaybookUX Software ease of use

The process from signing up to putting your first study through takes 5 minutes. With a simple user interface, there’s a simple 3 step process to create a test. 

PlaybookUX was designed to simplify the process because setting up a study and reviewing results shouldn’t be a burden. 

PlaybookUX Customer Support

PlaybookUX is obsessed with customer support. With Intercom installed on the website and product, chat PlaybookUX anytime. Response times are quick – within minutes. Get quick feedback instead of submitting support tickets and waiting for responses. 

PlaybookUX Features

  • Access to Linkedin verified testers 
  • Ability to filter on ten different demographic filters 
  • Unlimited screener question available for all plans 
  • Unmoderated Research 
  • Moderated Interviews 
  • A.I. synthesis 
  • Unlimited seats so you can invite your team

PlaybookUX Value for money

Value for money is the criteria where PlaybookUX wins hands down. All features are included in the price so you don’t have to worry about upgrading to send a screener question. Pricing is simple and all incentives are included in the price. 

A subscription isn’t required, so only pay for the people you speak to. If you want to speak to 5 participants, you multiply the rate by 5.

Unmoderated Session – $49 per participant 

Moderated 30 min Session – $100 per participant 

Moderated 60 min Session – $150 per participant 

What’s unique to PlaybookUX compared to other Usertesting.com alternatives?

  • Affordable pay as you go pricing 
  • The granularity of participant targeting 
  • Notes, A.I. synthesis 

PlaybookUX vs. UserTesting: Alternative Comparison

PlaybookUX & UserTesting are similar when it comes to web and prototype testing. Both offer moderated and unmoderated research capabilities. PlaybookUX has mobile interviews, but not mobile unmoderated browser testing.

However, UserTesting has a lot of testers browsing projects all day so general population studies are filled in hours. Also, UserTesting has mobile testing for both Android & iOS. 

PlaybookUX is more affordable, with pay as you go pricing. The participant quality is unparalleled. Companies have the ability to filter on employment data points (such as job title, seniority, industry etc). All testers are Linkedin and hand-verified. Also, testers do not browse projects all day, nor do they think this is a full-time job (known as ‘professional testers’). Rather, they’re sent an email when their profile is a match. This ensures that people don’t lie to earn a quick buck.

UserTesting price is hefty and they limit the number of admin seats – since they want to upsell you on additional licenses. Some plans have a maximum number of testers per study too. With PlaybookUX, you can invite your entire team.

UserTesting is an excellent option for large companies with big budgets that do a lot of user research. However, PlaybookUX is a better alternative for freelancers, SMBs and agencies.

The biggest advantage of PlaybookUX is that they recruit from over 40 countries and provide localization. Easily gather international user testing insights. 

TrymyUI – #2 UserTesting Alternative

trymyUI Software Ease Of Use

The design looks outdated but it’s decently functional. The software does not have a free trial so you need to pick your plan upfront before actually testing it out. According the this trymyUI review it doesn’t have a modern look and feel, but it’s still a great way to get user feedback. 

trymyUI Customer support level

We couldn’t find any information on this topic but we noticed they have a chatbot on their homepage.

trymyUI Features

  • Mobile and desktop testing, as well as surveys. 
  • Quantitative options including SUS (system usability), SEQ (task usability), task duration and task completion. 
  • They also have a crowdsourcing option called “UX crowd”
  • The testers video shut off after 20 mins, which is important to know when setting up a test.
  • Moderated sessions are not available. 

trymyUI Value for money

trymyUI has two subscription options based on a credit system which is somewhat confusing if you’re not familiar.

The videos are 20 minutes long, so be prepared to have tasks cut off. Also, they massively limit the features in the first plan.

For $299 a month you get:

  • Ten free test credits 
  • After you use the ten free, you pay $35 per credit
  • The ability to recruit 10 of your own users 
  • One admin seat

The last pricing tier is $1,500 per month.

Userlytics – #3 Alternative to UserTesting 

Userlytics Software Ease of use

The software UI is outdated, with many users citing that in reviews. Setting up a test takes some time. Those screens contain a lot of jargon, which is confusing for those who are not pro-researchers. Here are a few reviews that capture this sentiment.

Userlytics Customer support level

We couldn’t find information about this topic. We noted that the only means of contacting Userlytics is via email.

Userlytics Features

  • Web and iOS / Android testing
  • Quantitative metrics – SEQ and SUS scores.
  • View people’s faces through their webcam as they complete tasks.
  • Add skip logic to task questions.
  • It’s not possible to speak to participants one-on-one. 

Userlytics Value for money

Userlytics has three pay as you go plans and a subscription plan for enterprise. The pay as you go plans start at $49 per participant. However, the lowest tier is limited when it comes to features. It’s really difficult to assess the value at each tier. 

Pricing is also based on the unmoderated session length, so pricing gets complex quickly. Also, certain tiers require bulk pricing.

UserZoom – #4 User testing Alternatives

UserZoom Software ease of use

UserZoom has a lot of features. With that, comes a very bulky platform. There’s a lot of jargon so it’s not for your everyday person. According to the UserZoom reviews, the software is a “bit clunky”.

UserZoom Customer support level

You’ll get a dedicated account manager, so the response time depends on your account manager’s attentiveness.

UserZoom Features

  • UserZoom is loaded with features.
  • It’s a qualitative and quantitative UX tool.
  • Perform moderated, unmoderated, card sorting, surveys, true intent studies and more. 
  • Both web and mobile app testing is supported.
  • UserZoom does not have their own panel, rather they integrate with my other third party panels.
  • They cannot ensure the quality of their testers ahead of time.

UserZoom Value for money

The software is very expensive so many companies will need to look for UserZoom alternatives. It’s an enterprise-only solution. Pricing starts at $100k / year and only goes up from there. Despite getting a lot of features, it is a lot of money for what you’re getting. UserZoom’s pricing is similar to usertesting, here’s a UserZoom review that addresses the pricing. 

Lookback – #5 UserTesting Alternatives

Lookback Software ease of use

The software is difficult to get up and running. Your development team will need to add the SDK to the mobile or web application. The design and layout are up to date, but not very customizable. 

Lookback Customer support level

Support is slow to respond and doesn’t always have helpful information.

Lookback Features

  • Lookback supports both mobile and web testing.
  • It’s a great collaboration tool since the entire team can watch the session on their desktop computer.
  • Chat with coworkers during the session and take notes about important moments.
  • Once the session is complete, create a highlight reel of important moments.

Lookback Value for money

The cheapest plan costs about $600 annually per user. With that plan, you’re not able to export videos.

A barrier to entry is that you’ll have to install the SDK, which takes development time. Lookback does not incentive people nor do they have their own participants. Many people have complained about connection drops during the session.

It’s a decent alternative to Usertesting.com, if you’re fine with the lack of features.

Hopefully, you’ve gotten a hang of the UserTesting alternatives out in the market.

General FAQs

What are the best alternatives to UserTesting.com?

PlaybookUX, UserZoom and Lookback

What are the most popular reasons for looking for an alternative to UserTesting.com?

UserTesting.com is a great tool, but it’s expensive and their lower licenses limit many features. Companies with hard to reach demographics look to alternatives with higher participant quality and audience reach.

Is PlaybookUX the best UserTesting Alternative?

PlaybookUX is the best alternative due to the participant quality, features and affordability.

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