YouTube Channels That Will Make You a Better Product Manager

Youtube Channels for Product Managers

The field of Product Management has evolved over the past 10 years. Product Managers are required to know about a wide variety of disciplines. You need to know enough to speak to business stakeholders and empathize with business goals and expectations. You’re responsible for communicating the rationale behind business decisions to your product team. You also need to know enough about your industry to understand what competitors are doing and how your product is uniquely positioned.

Requirements for Product Managers

Different companies and industries have different requirements for Product Managers. At some companies, you’ll have subject matter experts in-house, while other companies require Product Managers to be the subject matter experts. How technical a Product Manager should be will vary depending on the company. At the very least, you’ll need to understand what it takes to develop a feature. You need to have a general sense of what features will be quick fixes and what features will take a while to develop. For that reason, you need to know enough about engineering to accurately assess your backlog.

From a design perspective, you’ll need to have an eye for good and bad design in order to give your designers feedback. You’re communicating the customers vision, while your designer brings it to life.  One of the key differences between successful products and unsuccessful products is design and user experience. Exceptional user experience is hard to achieve and requires a lot of user research.

Product Managers can never know too much about their users. It’s important to know about their goals, motivations and frustrations. The best way to gather that information is to speak directly with your users, as early and often as possible. At PlaybookUX we make speaking to your users easy, so you can gather valuable insights on a regular basis and build products that resonate with your users.

Product Management is not being an expert in any specific area but knowing enough in all areas so you make effective decisions. We compiled a list of the top YouTube channels for product managers broken down by each functional discipline. This is by no means an exhaustive list. While we’re focusing on YouTube here, there are a ton of great resources outside of YouTube as well.

User Experience

AJ & Smart

If you want to learn about Google’s design sprint, look no further than AJ&Smart. They specialize in conducting design sprints with some of the world’s top companies.


If you want to learn about the tools and techniques for User Experience we recommend own youtube channel. We break down different types of user research, from what the research is, to  how to conduct the sessions, to the pros and cons of conducting the different research sessions. Our goal is to make user research more accessible for everyone. 

Product Management

Product Gym

This is a great YouTube channel for Product Managers. It will help you accelerate your career as a Product Manager, while aiding those of you who are interviewing to be a Product Manager.

Product School

The Product School share interviews from their events with the goal of teaching people who are new to product management the core strategic and topics.


App Design Tips

This channel has helpful design tips for people working on apps.

Design Gal

Christine focuses on practical advice for designers, including Design Sprints and how to become a designer.  


Great tutorials on Zeplin, Sketch and Prototyping.


YouTube is a goldmine for learning how to code. There are so many YouTube channels in this space to list. However, in this post we’ll focus on YouTube channels that are easy for Product Managers to understand and apply to their work.

One Month

These are bite sized videos easily explain development topics.

They have helpful playlists on web development for beginners, React JS Tutorials and Javascript


We’re also including a few marketing YouTube channels because once you build the product, you’ll need to converse with marketing on the best rollout plan.

Neil Patel

Neil is the one the original digital marketing YouTubers. He specializes in SEO and inbound marketing. He releases videos 3x per week about optimizing your website, growth hacking and content marketing.

App Masters

This channel is very helpful for those of you who are building apps and looking to grow your downloads.

There are many YouTube channels for Product Managers. However, there is no substitute for speaking to your users, since you learn the most when you get out there and speak to your users.

Speak to high quality people