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Unmoderated (Self-Guided) Templates for Writing Tasks

Our user testing templates make it easy to write questions for your unmoderated study and quickly launch user research tests. 

YouTube Channels That Will Make You a Better Product Manager

We’ve listed out the best YouTube channels to help you become a well rounded Product Manager.

Tips to Excel at Moderated Interviews

We’ve listed out tips to help you prepare for moderated interviews.

Using an Empathy Map to Settle Design Disputes

An empathy map is a tool to understand what your user is thinking, feeling, seeing, hearing and saying.

Everything You Need to Know about Contextual Inquiries

Contextual Inquiries are semi-structured interviews to obtain information on how customers are using their product in their own environment.

How to Prepare, Conduct and Synthesize Moderated User Research

Moderated interviews are an easy to use research tool that enables product teams to dig deep into the mindset of their customers.

Leveraging Tree Testing to Improve Product Navigation

Tree testing allows team members the ability to assess information architecture. Conduct a tree test to assess the find-ability of items on your website. 

A Guide to Creating a Customer Journey Map

The customer journey map is the process of laying out the steps your customer takes and their feelings towards your service or product. 

Validate Your Assumptions With An Assumptions Map

Holding an assumptions workshop is the first step towards testing if these hypotheses about your product are true.

10 Signs It's Time to Invest in User Research

Leverage user research to solve any issues your business is facing.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing enable product teams to understand the desirability between different design elements.

Unlocking Powerful Insights with the Five Whys

The Five Whys are a powerful research technique that can be used to get to the bottom of an issue. 

A Guide to Creating Personas

Personas create empathy among team members and allow you to understand the goals, motivations and beliefs of your customers. 

7 Tips to Win User Research Recruiting

Sourcing participants for user research studies can be tricky. We outline 7 ways to recruit participants for your research needs.

6 Way User Research Can Help You

User research helps determine which features to prioritize, how to edge your competitors, convey your value proposition and more.

Using Heuristic Evaluation to Improve Usability

A heuristic evaluation, also known as an expert review, is a way to ensure your website is user friendly.

A Guide to Unmoderated User Research

Unmoderated research is a qualitative tool that allows businesses to gain valuable user feedback with minimal time and effort.

Guide to Conducting a Card Sorting Research Sessions

Card sorting is a great way to test the grouping of content on your website. Conducting a card sort ensures that your customers can find what they’re looking for on the first click.

What are Diary Studies in User Experience Research?

Diary studies are longitudinal studies that log behaviors, habits and activities over a period of time so you can understand your customers better.

What are Focus Groups in User Experience Research?

Focus groups allow you to gather quick insights in a short period of time. 

11 Tips for Creating Effective Screener Questions

Screener questions allow you to target your desired audience for user research sessions so you’re getting in touch with the right people.

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